About Us

About Us

Over 3 generations, more than 70 years it was a family cultivation and production starting from my great grandfather. uplifting the tradition to next stage, it is a necessity to take the production to a new dimension introducing value added cinnamon products to the target market with the brand name “Cinnezta” by Kaveesha Premasiri – the 3rd generation from year 2021

Value proposition is the promise a business bestows to its customers reasoning why they should choose or purchase its products or services over competitors or substitute suppliers. Our value proposition stands upon the quality of the Sri Lankan spices we deliver. Cinnezta mainly focuses on the utmost best quality delivered to its customers. Therefore, we do not process mass production. We only target the niche market who values the quality of the product they consume for the price they spend on our products.

Our Vision

To embark on the quality and the consumer trust and become the best-selling global Ceylon spices exporter.

Our Mission

To deliver the best quality spices for a reasonable price and the best quality spices adhering to the international food standards. In order to achieve this, the company focus on,

Security and quality of food standards
sustainable food production
Improvement of Sri Lankan agricultural practices and exposure to the global market.